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At most weddings the “free for all” kissing the bride takes place right after the wedding, but there has been interesting variations of bride kissing. In Scotland, the pastor had to be the first to kiss the bride, it is believed her happiness depended on it. There was another custom that when the husband kissed the wife she had to cry, if she didn’t her married life would be full of tears. There was another custom that the bride had to kiss all the men present.

During the 19th Century in America, weddings were usually small family gatherings at the home of either the parents of the bride or the parents of the groom. The ceremonies were intimate and not elaborate. The announcement of the newly married couple took place at their church on the Sunday following the wedding. Weddings did not become elaborate until the 1820s and 1830s, when upper class couples would have wedding ceremonies similar to what is common today. The bride usually wore the best dress she owned, so her dress was not always white, as white dresses were impractical to own. Not until the middle of the 19th century did brides start buying a dress made specifically for their wedding day. At the same time, couples began to hire professionals to prepare floral arrangements and wedding cakes, rather than making them at home.

Amish music is primarily German in origin, and includes ancient singing styles not found anywhere in Europe, as well as modern hymns derived from the Pennsylvania German culture. Older Amish hymns are monophonic, without meter, featuring drawn out tones and slowly articulated ornamentation. Usually there is no harmony in the music. Pennsylvania spirituals are more modern, and include a wide variety of influences. . “Sings” or “Singings,” attended by young people approaching marriage age, and usually held in barns on the Sunday evening after a worship service, are an essential element in Amish courting practices as the young participants are encouraged to engage in social discourse between songs.

In the modern times, Scottish weddings are not as ritualistic as before though still a lot of traditions are being practiced. The mother of the bride will shower her daughter with presents from friends and family which is equivalent to the “bridal shower” of other countries. The female couple brings gifts that would help the couple set up their new home. The stag party is more vulgar since it has been a practice for men to let the groom drink so much that he wouldn’t be aware when his friends leave him on the streets naked or tied up. More than 700 of customs is still being practiced and it is what every Scottish couple waits.

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